5 Foods For Your Brightest Smile

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Stained teeth are a concern for a lot of my patients. From coffee drinkers to candy eaters, stained teeth have become a real common problem for patients of all ages. At first, staining can seem subtle and only noticeable to the patient. However, everyday habits can cause that pale yellow to deepen to an unsightly hue. Instead of the patient noticing, now everyone starts to take a second glance. While staining isn’t the worst of dental problems, it can certainly affect your confidence. Whitening and other specialized treatments are always an option in my office, but I recommend my patients try varying their diets to include more nutrient dense foods first.

In fact, some foods are beneficial to our mouth flora and can protect against staining. Here’s a list of my favorite foods that can whiten your teeth. Remember, everything in moderation is key to a happy and healthy smile.

5 Foods That Whiten Teeth

1. Apples: because of the fiber and pectin found in apples, this food has a scrubbing quality that other foods don’t offer.

2. Pineapples: these contain bromelain which has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.

3. Strawberries: malic acid and ellagitannins found in strawberries are powerful antioxidants which reduce staining bacteria in the mouth.

4. Cheese: this popular food has minerals from calcium and phosphorous which support strong teeth, plus lactic acid protects against tooth decay.

5. Water: promotes saliva production that loosens plaque and debris.