Experience Dentsply Sirona World 2017

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Being a dental professional first and an educator second, I know it’s important to blend these two areas so I can provide an unsurpassed experience to my patients and to the doctors I train. This is why I attend Dentsply Sirona World every year. No surprise this year’s event didn’t fall short to amaze.
Dentsply Sirona World 2017 was a three day event in Las Vegas where clinical and business education were at the forefront. To add to the rich experience, a large trade show and great entertainment were a well-needed bonus to this rigorous, but fun, weekend. Doctors and clinicians are allowed to pick the courses they like to attend to receive up to 12 CE credits. Easy to obtain, Sirona World 2017 offered more than 150 sessions! 
Headliners to this massive event included the encouraging Dr. Frank Spear and Dr. Greggory Kinzer. Plus, talks by Simon Sinek, TED Talk Speaker, and the talented Will Smith made for star-studded entertainment. Did I mention stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham kept us laughing with his show, while Imagine Dragons rocked the house with their Grammy worthy performance?!
Not only did this event provide an opportunity for networking, but it provided an unsurpassed education. No topic was left behind, and no business inquiry was left unanswered. I definitely recommend this event to all dentists who need help finding their edge, while learning about all up and coming technology and procedures.
*Picture taken by ArunGargDMD via Twitter