The Great Debate: Electric Versus Manual Brush

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The evolution of the toothbrush has come a long way! From hog bristled bone in the 1400s to high-powered electrics of the modern day, the choices of toothbrushes are seriously expansive. Recently, my hygienists have been getting a lot of patient questions about which brush reigns supreme. With prices ranging from low to astronomical, it’s no wonder my patients are so concerned. However, don’t let price tags fool you – more expensive isn’t necessarily better.

Here are some pros and cons of manual brushes versus electric brushes.

Manual Toothbrush Pros
– Less expensive
– Throughly cleans teeth with proper technique
– More choices in style, size, and bristles
– No batteries, easier to travel with

Manual Toothbrush Cons
– More work
– No timing features built in

Electric Toothbrush Pros
– Less work
– Timing feature built in
– More likely children will use to brush

Electric Toothbrush Cons
– More expensive
– Less choices in style, size, and bristles
– Needs to charge, harder to travel with
– Breakable

As you can see, the differences are very minimal. That’s why we suggest you use whatever will keep you brushing! If you have to go electric, we recommend the Oral B Pro 5000.

According to the ADA, it doesn’t matter which brush you prefer as long as you’re brushing regularly. At MFD, we couldn’t agreed more! Add regular flossing to your routine and you can even prevent tooth decay.